Maza muiza / Petit Manor

Studio of Historical Recostructions «Rococo» is an association of passionate re-enactors and history enthusiasts who are in love with refined charm of rococo style and other fashion periods. We provide living history performances and study the history of fashion to reproduce accurate historical costumes. What is more important we create costumes, accessories and hairstyles all on our own and we truly love doing it.

Collection of our historically accurate recreations of costumes are on a display in an exhibition hall called «Mazā muiža» (Little Manor)

Situated near Bauska city on A7 (main) road it is in an old charming former warehouse where our visitors can admire the collection of costumes. It shows development of fashion from the 2nd half of 18th c. until the end of 19th c.

With the great respect to the history we provide highly interactive, entertaining, and educational story about fashion details and everyday life issues of the past centuries.

Our visitors may also look inside the ‘magic wardrobe’ and find an outfit to try on the ‘comfort’of the 18th century and memorize that into digital portraits! A particular photo shoot with more elaborate historical costumes can be also arranged upon your request.

The visit should be booked in advance!


Address: “Mazā muiža” Brunava parish Bauska municipality, LV 3907 
(A7 road) (gps: 56.288895,24.353947)
mob. +37126534002
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Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/PbL3y9FNphjkC9bj8