Welcome to the Gallant Century!!!

You have entered the site of passionate historical reenactors, who have the magic power to travel back in time. Wearing elaborate historically precise 18th century style costumes we portray representatives of noble society and deliver refined entertainment .
Our group of re-enactors under the name of company ELEANA provides a variety of historical programs with the touch of elegant humour that will delight diverse audiences.
The theatrical tour around the splendid interiors of Rundale Palace is one of our living history performances.
While walking through the exquisite authentic interiors of Rundale Palace we will help you to dive into the atmosphere of flamboyant rococo style; to the period when art, fashion and lifestyle reached apex of aesthetic sophistication; when refined elegance whispered through silks and laces…
But we also provide other gallant programs and services, so you are kindly welcome to explore this site!

Please find your way to contact us
e-mail: jelena@ceremonija.lv
phone +371 29108396 (Lat. Rus.)
            +371 26534002 (Eng. Fr.)