Theatrical program Charm of Gallant Century

Courtiers of his Excellency the Duke of Courland will be at your service, if you apply your visit to Rundale Palace in advance! They will throw a party in your honour according to the traditions of the 18th century! First of all the Master of the court ceremonies and Lady[…]

For Newlyweds

We assure you that the journey to Rundale Palace on that very special day of yours will leave the brightest and the most beautiful memories for the young couple and their wonderful guests. Courtiers will warmly welcome you on the state staircase of the palace and invite to the unforgettable[…]

Neoclassical country idyll

Once You have decided to visit the charming Mezotne Palace, please let us know in advance. On your arrival courtiers of Princess von Lieven will greet you and invite you to a tour through the elegant 19th century. You will hear the story of the extraordinary lady – princess Charlotte[…]

Where Tolstoy’s classic came to life

Often called – Versailles of Latvia, Rundale Palace was designed by well known Italian architect F.B.Rastrelly as summer residence of the Duke of Courland E.J.Biron, the almighty favourite of Russian Empress Anna Joanovna. Rundale Palace with its outstanding interiors and authentic architecture was chosen as one of major filming locations[…]

Scenes of the past

 If you expect a lot of guests or you plan to have a party, gala dinner, or some other social gathering in Rundale Palace, courtiers will have the pleasure to greet your guests and share the elegance and beauty of the rococo style period. While your guests will travel from[…]

Gallant portraits

On a beautiful sunny day in the fascinating French Formal garden of Rundale Palace you may find the18th century style costumes arranged for you to try on. To give you the idea of how does it feel to wear a pair of tight stays or panniers, jabot or ‘habit a[…]

Historical costumes for rent

As you probably noticed we work really hard to recreate accurate historical costumes. And we also wear them very carefully, but there are also situations, when we give them for rent. So if you plan a very special event and there is need for elegant historical costumes, we may help[…]

Other services

 Chamber concerts with historically dressed professional musicians performing pieces of music that were very much in vogue during the 18th century Guided tours of Rundale Palace Museum (Latvian, English, Russian, French) Guided tours of Mežotne Palace (Latvian, Russian, English) Theatrical performances including photo sessions during events in different locations of[…]